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Misconceptions 101: There is No Gravity in Space

Home About Contact X Misconceptions 101: There is No Gravity in Space You’ve seen it in movies. You’ve heard about it somewhere. You probably believe it yourself. You’ve even probably seen live video of astronauts in space floating around! It’s pretty much settled, there must be no gravity in outer space! To start with, there […]

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The Physics Behind the Nonsense: Kilograms and Instagrams

Home About Contact Reading Pleasure Physics Behind the Nonsense Misconceptions 101 X The Physics Behind The Nonsense: Kilograms and Instagrams On one hand, the kilogram. The SI unit of mass (NOT WEIGHT!). Currently defined as the mass of a certain platinum-iridium cylinder, the kilogram may receive a new definition, or another, soon. For simplicity though, the mass of […]